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  1. Wine rack TROLLINGER
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only €199.00 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
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only €199.00 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
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Art. No. 25345
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Dimensions: H 38 cm x W 25,5 cm x D 24 cm
Material: Oak
Colour: light brown
Number of bottles: 8
Bottle type: 0.375 l bottles, 0.75 l bottles, 1.0 l bottles, Champagne/Sparkling Wine bottles

This wine rack is the perfect storage place for your vintage wine bottles. The wine rack TROLLINGER is made of original old, polished barrel staves and stainless steel and fabricated through magnificent craftsmanship. Every single piece is unique. The stainless steel frame is constructed without welding, all pieces are connected through bolts. The wonderful combination of stainless steel and the antique barrel staves makes TROLLINGER extraordinary and a welcome sight in any type of atmosphere. The wine rack has an eight bottle capacity.

Dimensions: H 24 x W 38 x D 25.5 cm
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