Climate Control Devices

Climate Control Devices

Wine cooling systems are a must for professional wine cellar storage
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Climate control devices - important for the professional wine storage in the wine cellar

One of the most important prerequisites for a perfect wine storage is the ambient temperature. Too high or too low temperatures and especially high temperature fluctuations harm the noble drops. Suitable cellar conditioners ensure that your wine cellar to have perfect and above all constant ideal temperature of 12 to 14 degrees.

Cooling systems

Innovative technology enables the professional air conditioning of private wine cellars. For this purpose, sound-insulated devices are available with different air-conditioning performance, which are adapted to the respective room size. They ensure a constant temperature of 10 to 12°C. Depending on the model they can be air-conditioned from 25 m³ to 240 m³ volume. The cellar conditioners are relatively easy to install and adapt to the size and design of a wine cellar. We offer models that can be installed both in the cellar and outside. In order to achieve optimum cooling effect, the interior walls, ceiling and door of the room to be climatised must be insulated.

Humidifier for the right humidity

Dry air can harm your noble drops permanently! If you want to let your treasures mature for years, you must therefore ensure the correct humidity in your wine cellar. Since the humidity changes constantly and is uneven depending on the season, the weather and the region, it is advisable to install a humidifier in your wine cellar. The optimum humidity for the maturing of wine is 60 to 80%. With a humidifier you can keep this ideal amount and keep an eye on it.

Useful cellar conditioning accessories

To monitor temperature and humidity in the wine cellar, we offer various hygrometers and thermometers. With the useful devices, you can always read current values such as temperature, humidity, pressure, etc. very accurately. Hang or set up the practical accessory and you have all the information ready at a glance.

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