Metal Wall Racks

Metal Wall Racks

Metal wall racks save space and present your wines attractively. These are ideal for smaller collections.
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Wall wine racks made of metal: a space-saving possibility of wine storage

Metal is an excellent material for a wine rack, because it is robust and corrosion resistant, which means that it is also suitable for humid areas. Especially in brick or vaulted cellars a metal wine rack creates a beautiful visual. A metal wine rack for the wall is particularly space-saving, if there is no possibility to set up larger free standing wine racks. The bottles are mostly single, which ensures an optimal view of the label. Thus, the searched bottle is right at hand.

Different styles and materials

The metal wall-mounted wine racks range in style from rustic to modern - from powder-coated to shiny stainless steel.

Wall-mounted wine racks made of black, powder-coated metal harmonize with their rustic appearance, especially in vaulted cellars. Also as a complement to other wine racks in a private wine cellar or winery they fit perfectly.

Bottle shelves for the wall of silver-colored, powder-coated metal do not look as rustic as black, but rather have a more classic to more modern look. Also in terms of their design, they sometimes tend to look like design objects.

The modern style includes wall-mounted wine racks made of shiny stainless steel. They look light and less dominant. In some models, the bottles are not only parallel to the wall, but also vertically. Also for Magnum bottles a model is available.

Metal wall wine racks for your living area

Especially if you do not have a separate wine cellar and store your favorite drops in the living area, it depends on a perfect presentation and the right wine rack. Again, wall shelves made of metal prove themselves with their fascinating design. The wall-mounted wine racks made of stainless steel also look great in the kitchen. If you design entire walls with it, you get even larger bottles stored.

Browse through our diverse range and discover the perfect wall shelf for your bottle collection. Store your wines in a particularly interesting and attractive way and benefit from the advantages of a metal shelf. You will be impressed!