Plastic Wine Racks

Plastic Wine Racks

Plastic wine racks provide a variety of wine storage options. Discover designer wine racks made of acrylic or moisture resistant synthetic wine rack systems for larger bottle quantities.
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Wine rack systems made of plastic

Plastic wine racks: colorful, easy-care and water-resistant

From the stylish bottle holder made of acrylic to the moisture-resistant system for many bottles, plastic wine racks offer a wide selection. They are easy to clean and therefore equally suitable for living rooms, cellars or gastronomy.

Colored plastic wine racks for the living area

No matter what style your wine cellar or interior is made of, we have the right plastic wine rack system for you. No other material offers such a wide selection of colored bottle shelves or different shapes. Set stylish accents in your ambience with colorful plastic wine racks.

Elegant design shelves made of acrylic

Particularly noble and high-quality are transparent wine racks made of acrylic. They impress with their aesthetic appearance, appear very discreet and put the wine in the foreground. When acrylic wine racks are then equipped with LED lighting, they offer the perfect exclusive presentation for your wines.

Plastic wine racks for larger quantities of bottles

For a classic look we recommend wine racks made of Styrofoam, or ultra-light polystyrene. The modules can be cut to size and shape of your choice with a standard saw, e.g. for a sloping installation under a staircase. No screws, no dowels, no tools - your plastic wine rack can be used quickly. So you can build whole walls in your wine cellar and grow the plastic wine racks with your wine supply.

Plastic wine boxes: the wine storage boxes

Wine storage boxes are wine boxes made of plastic. They can be stacked as desired and are suitable for all bottle shapes. Separated into colors, sparkling, red or white wines can be classified at a glance. On the front they are equipped with inscribable cards, with the help of which you can quickly identify the individual wines.

Plastic wine racks are versatile in shapes and colors and adapt to any style of interior design - or you deliberately set exciting accents. Also for a large-scale wine storage, there are corresponding wine racks made of plastic.