Screwpull-Set, black

Evergreen and cult object: the Screwpull set with corkscrew and capsule cutter
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  1. Screwpull-Set, black
    only €37.00 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
only €37.00 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
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Screwpull-Set, black
only €37.00 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
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Colour: black

More than 15 years ago Herbert Allen designed the first Screwpull corkscrew. With this innovation, the Texas-born oil drilling engineer, NASA advisor, inventor and wine connoisseur, achieved to connect his technical knowledge with practicability when he designed this product. The highlight of this invention is that with a rotary motion the cork is perforated until it reaches a point where it can be removed without major efforts. The secret of this technology is the winding in the Teflon coated spiral. Additionally, the wine foil cutter proves to be extremely effective through its 4 small, sharp wheels which cut through the foil and remove it simultaneously. Both accessories are helpful and can be placed in the attractive stand where they are ready to be used at anytime. The Screwpull-Set is the perfect present for wine lovers.
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