Wine Cellars in Metal

Wine Cellars in Metal

Wine cellars made of metal are particularly robust and resistant to moisture. Their sleek design is easily adaptable. Metal shelves are ideal for wine storage in the cellar.

The striking FERRUM metal wine rack system has a sleek, modern look and is easily adapted to every cellar.

The metal racking system has proven its value in wine cellar furnishing and is also ideal as storage in private households.

Ideal material for wine cellar furnishing

Due to their robustness and resistance to high humidity, metal wine racks are particularly popular for wine cellar furnishing as well as being ideal for all kinds of storage. Their special finish means the metal will not corrode. Metal is an inexpensive alternative to wood.

Endless possibilities

In contrast to stone or wood, metal can be easily formed during production. This allows more flexibility in design and creates truly exceptional storage possibilities for your wine bottles. Bottles that seem to float in the air are suddenly possible or large metal shelves that serve as drawers for your wine boxes. If you are looking for a modern look with an unusual flair, our "FERRUM" system is guaranteed to impress.

Not only for the cellar

With their modern design, the metal shelves from the "Ferrum" series cut a fine figure anywhere. The high-quality system can be used as an elegant room divider or practical bookshelf in your home or on business premises.

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