Custom Wine Cellar

Custom Wine Cellar

Made to measure solutions for your personal wine cellar! You decide how we fit out your private wine cellar, vineyard or wine establishment.
Let us advise you personally!

Custom Planning and Consultation

As specialists in the field of wine storage, we offer a comprehensive service from planning to realization of your custom wine cellar. Our skilled wine cellar construction team can offer attractive presentation solutions for any space!

Plan Your Wine Cellar Online

Use our online wine cellar planning helper to give our experts the key data needed to quickly suggest some suitable solutions for you and your budget.

Custom Wine Cellars
  • Wine Cellars in Wood
    Wine Cellars in Wood
  • Wine Cellars in Metal
    Wine Cellars in Metal
  • Wine Cellars in Brick
    Wine Cellars in Brick
  • Wine Cellars in Acrylic
    Wine Cellars in Acrylic
Wine Cellars Using Modular Systems
  • Wine Cellar Series PRESTIGE
    Wine Cellar Series PRESTIGE
  • Wine Cellar Series CAVEPRO
    Wine Cellar Series CAVEPRO
  • Wine Cellar Series VINCASA
    Wine Cellar Series VINCASA
  • Wine Cellar Series BLACK PURE
    Wine Cellar Series BLACK PURE
Climatisation and Wine Coolers
  • Wine Cabinets & Coolers
    Wine Coolers & Cabinets
  • Custome Wine Cabinets
    Custom Wine Climatisation
  • Luxury Wine Cabinets
    Luxury Wine Cabinets
  • Wine Cellar Climatisation
    Luxury Wine Coolers

Custom Wine Cellar

Your Dreams and Ideas Brought to Life

We can help you fulfil your dreams with a custom wine cellar for perfect wine storage. Our custom cellars are made to measure, and every aspect of the conception, planning and realisation of your private wine cellar., vineyard, or wine establishment will be fulfilled according to your wishes. Our network of specialists such as interior designers, architects and master craftsmen supervise and accompany you every step of the way: from the design concept and planning until the installation is complete. We are constantly at your side to guide and support you and to achieve perfect results.

Custom Wine Cellar – Tailored to Your Space and Budget

No matter what your budget or how much space you have, we have a wine cellar that will meet your needs. Our high-quality system “PERFECT FIT” provides a touch of luxury for a one of a kind wine cellar. Wine racking in walnut radiates quality and uniqueness. Take a look at our other systems and choose your favourite.

Broad Range of Wine Racks

We offer a fascinating variety of wine racks to choose from for the concept & design of your individual wine cellar. Wood, metal, acrylic or stone - classical, contemporary or Mediterranean, we have the right style and material to ensure your new wine cellar will be a source of enjoyment for many years to come. We have something to suit every taste.

Breathtaking Accents

Your individual wine cellar shouldn’t just be a place for the optimal storage of your wines, its eye-catching designs should impress you and your guests and proved a worthy space for your wine tastings. We can show you how to mix & match different materials or how to use a single stylish element as a highlight. Wooden racks shine in a different light when combined with inserts made of acrylic, metal, or mirrored back panels. The integration of indirect LED lighting helps create impressive effects, which ensure your treasured wines are displayed in best light. We are constantly searching for new and innovative ideas worldwide to provide you with the best.

Appropriate Climate Control

When designing and planning your individual wine cellar there are several aspects which should be taken into consideration so your treasured wines are not only appropriately stored but also maintain their quality and value. The most important factors which influence proper storage are: insulation, temperature, humidity and vibrations. We will be glad to be of assistance in finding the perfect climate control solution for your wine cellar to make sure optimal storage conditions are met.