Corkscrews, screwpulls and waiter's knives - the enjoyment of your wines begins with opening the bottle
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With a corkscrew begins the enjoyment of a good bottle of wine. The practical accessories are now available in all shapes and sizes. We offer corkscrews for every occasion, whether on the go or as an integral part of your kitchen. Browse through our diverse selection and discover the perfect corkscrew for your needs.

Handy and compact corkscrews

Ideal for the kitchen drawer or on the go are our handy corkscrew that fold. Like a penknife, the corkscrew and other blades (such as a knife to cut the film) fold so that you can easily stow the compact and functional accessory. Choose between bottle openers made of stainless steel, sturdy plastic or even damask. Not only do we have functional corkscrews in our selection, we also offer models that become an absolute eye-catcher in your home. For example, an impressive bottle opener that is decoratively screwed to the wall and uncorks every bottle dramatically, using a bayonet and wooden handle. Your guests will be impressed! Especially in the wine cellar, the attractive corkscrew becomes a very special collector's item.

Exceptional bottle opener

While it is customary today to open the wine or champagne bottle with a corkscrew, this was done with a champagne saber in Napoleon's time. Surprise your guests with this extravagant way of opening the bottle and let the enjoyment of the noble drops become a spectacle at your next celebration. Bottle openers like this one are not seen every day after all!

If you are looking for the right corkscrew or bottle opener, you're sure to find the right model in our huge selection. At winerack-plus, practical, exceptional and high-quality openers join together, find your favorite and benefit from our comprehensive service. By the way: a corkscrew is the ideal gift for every wine lover!