Wine Cellar Series CAVEPRO

Wine cellar series "CAVEPRO”

With the high-quality wine rack system CAVEPRO you can easily achieve an attractive presentation of your wines. The prestigious and high-quality modular system offers endless combination options.

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series CAVEPRO

Wine cellar in Switzerland

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series CAVEPRO

Private wine cellar in Germany

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series CAVEPRO

Wine cellar in France:

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series CAVEPRO

Wine shop in France

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series CAVEPRO

Wine cellar in France

With the unique and high-quality modular system CAVEPRO you can now have complete flexibility in furnishing your wine cellar. All modules are perfectly coordinated and can be combined with one another.

Flexible wine cellar furnishing

With the "CAVEPRO" system you determine how your wine is best presented. All elements of the series can be easily stacked on top of each other and expanded - there are no limits to your imagination. If you want to change the look of your wine cellar or expand your collection, the modules can be easily rearranged or added to as desired.

High-quality production

All elements of the CAVEPRO series are made in Germany and are made of wood-based panels with millimeter precision. Due to the heavy corpus, each assembled unit is extremely stable making it the ideal solution for your wine cellar furnishing. The different units have a fine, natural-looking grain and are coated with resistant melamine resin, which protects them from knocks, scratches or fading.

Optical diversity through material mix

The bodies of the system are made of sturdy wood, and for the inserts come in wood, glass plates or metal. With these choices all options are open for your wine cellar furnishing.


Whether in your private or business premises, whether in a winery or a wine bar - this representative system is a decorative highlight everywhere. CAVEPRO is not only suitable for wine cellar furnishing, the high-quality system can also serve as an elegant room divider or practical book and decorative shelf.

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