BLACK PURE Professional

BLACK PURE Professional

The BLACK PURE Professional wine rack system combines functionality, aesthetics and quality. Ideal for professionals, it adapts flexibly to any room size. With its mix of robust, black metal and high-quality oak wood decor, it presents wines and accessories in an extremely stylish way. Perfect for restaurants, wine bars and wine shops, it promotes a positive customer experience.

BLACK PURE Professional – The Perfect Symbiosis of Aesthetics and Functionality

The high-quality BLACK PURE Professional wine rack system is the ideal solution that combines functionality, aesthetics, and quality. Specially developed for business owners, it can be flexibly adapted to any room size and stylishly presents wines and accessories. Ideal for restaurants, vinotheques, and wine shops, it promotes a positive customer experience.

Versatile Application Possibilities

In addition to storing bottles, the units offer enough space for wine boxes and a variety of accessories such as decanters, glasses, or delicacies. This versatility allows you to optimally present a wide range of products to your customers. With optionally available boxes, presentation boards, and many other shelf inserts, you can perfectly complement your racks according to your desires.

Boost Your Business Success with BLACK PURE Professional

The professional setup with our BLACK PURE Professional shelving systems can positively affect your customers' buying behavior and help increase your business success. Discover the versatile uses and the impressive effect of these high-quality wine racks.

Modern Metal/Wood Design for a Professional Store Setup

The distinctive design of BLACK PURE Professional tastefully combines black metal with an oak wood decor, radiating timeless elegance. The shelves of the powder-coated black metal wine racks have 1.8 cm thick, melamine resin-coated wood-based panels in a light oak decor. The absolutely natural-looking surfaces are extremely resistant, shock and scratch-resistant, as well as lightfast. This combination of materials and colors ensures a unique presentation of your wines and accessories.

Create a Comfortable Atmosphere for Your Customers

Set up your store with BLACK PURE Professional and create an inviting atmosphere that encourages customers to stay longer. The modern metal/wood design emphasises the high quality of your assortment and significantly contributes to making your customers feel comfortable and well cared for. With our shelving systems, you can optimally use the available space, properly store your wines, and present them in an organised and appealing manner.