Metal Wine Rack Systems

Metal Wine Rack Systems

Wine rack systems made of metal can be expanded as needed and are ideal for the storage of large bottle quantities or growing wine collections.
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Metal wine rack systems - expandable, for larger bottle collections

Wine rack systems are suitable for professional wine storage of larger bottle collections. They are expandable and can grow with the supply of your wine. The ideal location for these are cellars. They usually offer sufficient space, are dark (the wine is protected from harmful UV radiation) and good to air-condition.

Wine rack systems made of metal convince by their robustness and durability. The rust- and corrosion-free material makes metal shelves ideal for storing wine in a (humid) cellar or vault. Wine rack systems can easily be expanded and grow with your bottle supply. They are suitable for storing larger quantities of bottles, because they can equip entire walls and basements. They are therefore also popular in the gastronomy or wine shops.

A variety of metal wine racks

Wine rack systems made of metal are available in different models. According to your taste you will find wine racks in elegant stainless steel, black powder-coated metal as well as in various colors.

Some metal wine rack systems are available both with bottle bottoms and optionally with flat shelves. These are suitable as wine and storage racks,and thus ensure order in the basement.

You need a storage facility for your wine crates? Then we have the solution for you with the MODULORACK wine crate system. The metal shelf designed for storing two wine crates can be stacked over whole walls and placed next to each other.

The smart wine rack CARRE is suitable for the living area. Combine the individual colorful shelf cubes and create your desired rack.

Easy assembly

The advantage of the wine rack systems: They can simply be put together without tools, but are often pre-assembled.

Here you will find wine rack systems made of metal for your individual needs. Design your wine cellar or storage room with original or classic models as you need them. In our section wine rack systems made of metal you will find matching wine racks for your wine supply!