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Wine Cellar Series VINCASA

Wine cellar series "VINCASA"

The thoughtfully designed VINCASA system makes furnishing your wine cellar easy. Countless combination options mean you can present your wine the way you want. Easy to extend to cater for wine collections of every size.

Wine cellar furnishing with the VINCASA wine rack system: simple and effective

The furnishing of a wine cellar with the VINCASA wine rack system is easy and uncomplicated. Made of natural pine wood or stained brown, the wine racks fit perfectly into a rustic ambience.

Any wine cellar large or small

VINCASA is particularly suited to beginners. A wine collector just starting with his hobby may require only a few modules. As your collection grows you can extend your wine rack system in width or height. The multitude of different modules are tailored to meet almost every bottle storage need. The standard system even offers storage options for accessories.

Also suitable for other rooms

The various system modules are not only ideal for private wine cellar furnishing, but thanks to the different sizes and variety of the modules, the "VINCASA" system is also very suitable for the wine trade and the gastronomy and can be designed as an optical highlight.

Stable and moisture resistant

Our standard system is made of solid, well-dried pine and remains stable without warping or cracking, even in the humidity of a wine cellar. You can be sure that your wine cellar equipment will be durable and your wine bottles will always be safe.

Flexible design

It is possible for you to stain, wax, oil or paint our basic systems in your desired color. This gives your wine cellar a unique touch.

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