Wine Cellar Series BLACK PURE

Wine Cellar Series "BLACK PURE"

BLACK PURE is a metal wine rack system in robust and sleek design. Perfect for bottle or stock storage. Special wall mounted racks for Magnums complete the series and your wine cellar.

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series BLACK PURE

Restaurant DAS GOLDSTEIN by Gollner’s in Wiesbaden, Germany

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series BLACK PURE

Private wine cellar in Austria

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series BLACK PURE

Private wine cellar in Germany

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series BLACK PURE

Private wine cellar in France

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series BLACK PURE

Geisenheim University, Germany

Customer Reference: Wine cellar Series BLACK PURE

Private wine cellar in Belgium

Wine cellar furnishing with the metal wine racks BLACK PURE: robust and expandable

A modern place for your wines!

If you like unpretentious furniture and a reduced, modern look then the wine & storage racks of the BLACK PURE series will impress you with their sleek modern lines, simple form and deep black colour. The practical units hold wine bottles as well as boxes and accessories. The rock solid and timelessly modern wine rack system BLACK PURE skillfully combines function and design. Enrich your wine cellar, your winery or your wine tasting room with these units which can be extended as desired.

Models for wine or stock storage

The BLACK PURE units are made of powder-coated black metal. They are almost indestructible and extremely stable. You can store the bottles in one row or stacked in two rows per shelf, depending on the amount needing to be stored. Models to suit all needs are available: for wine storage in two different widths, with a presentation shelf, with pull-out shelves for wine crates or with flat shelves for storage. Individual bottles, decanters and wine accessories are also perfectly displayed on the shelves.

BLACK PURE wine racks: Can be combined and extended as desired

The units in the BLACK PURE series come with varying divisions. All models can be combined with each other making it easy to extend your cellar. Whether you only want to store a few bottles or you want to fit out your whole cellar: BLACK PURE is a wine rack system that grows with your wine stock.

BLACK PURE for stock or wine storage

The BLACK PURE metal units are ideal for storing wine or supplies and for stowing wine boxes. The system is available in various designs with bottle shelves and as storage units with flat storage shelves.

The advantages of BLACK PURE for cellar storage

The metal wine rack system BLACK PURE is an excellent choice if you need a robust and resistant storage solution. The rust and corrosion free material of BLACK PURE is ideal for bottle storage in cellars or vaulted cellars. This is especially advantageous in a humid environment. This is why BLACK PURE is so popular in the catering trade or at wineries.

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