Wine Coolers

Wine Coolers

Wine coolers and wine cabinets for the perfect storage and serving temperature.
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Wine cooler

Not every wine lover has his own (cellar) room in which to store his bottles. A good wine cooler or wine cabinet is therefore indispensable as an alternative.

Wine cabinets as single-zone or dual-zone models

When choosing the right wine cooler, it all depends on whether you want a refrigerator with one or two temperature zones. Single-zone wine coolers/cabinets are best suited for the long-term storage and maturation of high-quality wines. The temperature zone can usually be set from 5 ° to 20 ° C.

A wine cabinet has at least two temperature zones (one for red and one for white wine) for the perfect serving temperature.

A wine fridge for any number of bottles

Of course, the decision to choose the right wine cooler depends on the size of your wine collection. If you always want to keep a good wine ready to serve in the kitchen, we offer a small wine cooler for less than 20 bottles. If a larger collection is to be perfectly tempered, you should opt for a larger model.

Professional & luxury cabinets are used in restaurants, wine shops, wineries or in the design-savvy private wine collector with a large number of bottles. We offer numerous luxury finishes that make an impression in every wine cellar and guarantee the ideal storage of your bottles.

Free-standing or installed

Another important point when shopping for a wine cooler is the location issue. Should the wine cooler be free-standing or should it be installed as part of the existing installation? An extensive selection of built-in & undercounter coolers can be found in our shop.