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Wine racks, wine coolers and wine cellars: everything for your wine storage

Wine rack systems, single bottle racks and wall wine racks for your wine bottles

The perfect wine rack is a “must have” item for every wine enthusiast. After all, your precious wine should be displayed in a stylish manner; and the right storage plays a very important role. The selection of a suitable wine rack is an important factor which needs to be taken into account. The maximum storage capacity is directly related to the individual suitability for storage of each wine variety, the storage location and the local storage environment (temperature, humidity, etc.).

The implementation of a proper wine storage system within your own living space with the right wine rack should not be a complex technical or major financial task. The most important thing is to store the wine bottles in a horizontal position in a vibration-free environment. In our product range you will find wine racks and wine stands which not only provide the perfect secure storage and display, they will also reflect your personal style and taste.

Wine racks with different designs

Whether you are looking for a wine rack to furnish your private wine cellar, your own vineyard, restaurant or wine retail business, we have the perfect solution for you. Our wide range of wine racks starts with modular bottle rack systems which can be expanded to cover entire walls which are perfect for large wine collections and end up with smaller designer wine racks which bring a special touch of class to any size room. For every taste and budget we have the perfectly matching wine rack, wine coolers and wine accessories!

Wine coolers for the ideal temperature

In case of long term wine storage, it makes sense to implement wine rack systems which can grow along with your wine collection since they can be expanded according to your actual needs. As far as the material is concerned, you have a choice of wood, metal, synthetics, stone or a combination of various types. Design, workmanship and refinements are also criteria for your final choice. Be inspired and design your own private wine cellar with individual style. Even design-oriented wine enthusiasts will find the right solution, as nowadays wine racks are considered prestige objects as well.

Wine accessories as a perfect addition

Wine accessories such as decanters, corkscrews and wine glasses are the perfect addition to your wine cellar. Decanters and carafes ensure the perfect aeration of your precious wines. Enjoy your wines using beautiful wine glasses from our selection.