Wine Accessories

Wine Accessories

From corkscrew to bottle cooler – what would be the consumption of wine and wine culture without the appropriate wine accessories?
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Wine accessories for wine lovers and wine experts

From corkscrews to wine bottle coolers - as a gift or for yourself. What would wine enjoyment and wine culture be without the associated wine accessories? Unusual, useful, worth knowing, beautiful - all these characteristics make the world of wine even more interesting.

Corkscrew and bottle opener - for effortless uncorking

Corkscrew and bottle openers are indispensable accessories for every wine lover. We offer different models in different sizes, shapes and functionalities. The practical utensils offer wine lovers the perfect help in opening their favorite drops.

Carafes & decanters with a beautiful design

Every wine enthusiast knows: a good wine must be able to aerate. Decanters and carafes ensure a perfect and fast aroma development. Let yourself be inspired by our large selection and show off your favorite drops with these wine accessories.

Wine glasses and champagne glasses for your enjoyment

Wine glasses and champagne glasses are perfect for enjoying your wine. Depending on the origin of the wine, different types of glasses promote the specific aroma and taste. And with the appropriate glasses, a set table looks even more beautiful.

Bottle cooler for the perfect serving temperature

White wine, sparkling wine and champagne taste best when chilled. A bottle cooler keeps your bottles at the right temperature during the summer and in heated rooms. The bottle cooler can also be used as a decorative element.

Wine accessories - also ideal as gifts

With wine paintings, wine furniture and suitable lighting you beautify your ambience.

We offer you unusual and tasteful objects around the topic of wine. Browse through our extensive sections and find the ideal accessory for you.