Wine & Champagne

Wine & Champagne

Wine glasses, champagne glasses, red wine glasses. We have your favourite collections from prestigious manufacturers.
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Wine & champagne glasses

The perfect wine or champagne glass is simply a must for an enjoyable degustation experience. There are specially developed wine glasses for different types of wine, in which the aroma of the respective grape variety can develop individually. The wide range available on includes not only wine glasses but also champagne glasses from well-known companies.

Mouth blown glasses

Mouth-blown glasses are made with high precision to create delicate and incredibly light wine and champagne glasses from mouth-blown lead crystal. Anyone who has ever held such a glass in their hands will come to know and love the incomparable quality. Delight your guests with these exquisite, thin-walled wine glasses, through which the precious drop reaches your palate directly and can thus develop its full aroma.