Plastic Wall Racks

Plastic Wall Racks

A wall wine rack made of plastic or acrylic is an eye-catcher everywhere. You wine bottles are presented in a unique way and the labels are always visible.
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Wall wine racks made of plastic - an extraordinary presentation

Easy-care, insensitive and stylish - these are wine racks made of plastic or acrylic. Plastic wall wine racks are ideal for your wine storage in at home, in the gastronomy or in a shop, especially in narrow spaces. If you have no way to set up a standing shelf or look for a visual complement to existing shelves, a plastic wall wine rack is an excellent solution. Many models store the bottles parallel to the wall, so you only need a depth of up to 20 cm.

Wall-mounted wine racks by Italian designers

Whether in the wine cellar, in the living area or in the gastronomy, wine racks made of plastic or acrylic attract admiring glances everywhere. The exclusive, transparent look, the insensitive material and the partially unusual shapes make these kind of wine racks absolute eye catchers.

With our wall-mounted wine racks made of acrylic: Italian design meets high-quality workmanship. The bottles lie horizontally in the round recesses of the acrylic glass plates, giving the impression that they are floating in the air. Especially on the walls of restaurants or bars, the Italian designer piece becomes a real eye-catcher.

Surrounded by a romantic, ornate frame made of acrylic glass, a wall-mounted wine rack sets a visually appealing counterpoint.

Despite the small footprint on the wall, synthetic wine racks can hold a larger number of bottles. From small wall shelves for 4 bottles to ceiling-high for 138 bottles, with which a complete wall can be designed, the spectrum for wine storage is great.

LED lighting as a special accent

No other wine rack is better for being lit than an acrylic shelf. Through the transparency, the light shines through everywhere and puts the wine bottles in the true sense of the word in the right light - the perfect form of presentation. The finding of a special bottle is thus considerably simplified.

With our wall wine racks made of plastic or acrylic, you can fulfill your dream of shapely bottle storage and presentation. Have a look at our beautiful wine racks and choose your favorite plastic wall wine rack.