Stone Wine Racks

Stone Wine Racks

Stone and clay wine racks are especially stable and have a natural look. At the same time the wine racks ensure a perfect micro climate due to temperature and humidity compensation.
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Wine racks made of stone and clay

Stone wine racks: The perfect material for your wine storage

A wine rack made of stone or clay is not only an eye-catcher or practical storage shelf in the wine cellar - a wine rack system made of stone or clay meets all the criteria of professional wine storage. The natural stone material compensates for fluctuations in the ambient temperature. These wine racks can also absorb the accumulating humidity of very wet cellars and possibly release again. Thus, phases of dry indoor air, which occur very frequently in the winter months, are balanced. Stone wine rack systems are modular and expandable at any time. There are no limits to your creativity: design your personal wine cellar with beautiful wine racks made of stone and set up everything individually.

Stone wine racks: also suitable for living areas

Here you will find the wine rack system made of stone that meets your needs. The wine rack systems CLASSIC, FRANCE and ITALIA ensure an optimal microclimate for your wine storage. Temperature and humidity are balanced at all times. The square modules are characterized by their clear and modern look not only for the design of a wine cellar, but also as a special shelf for the living area.

Wine racks made of clay can

accommodate 6 to 8 bottles and can be used, for example, for the storage of red wine bottles in the living area as a complementary and delightful decor. From the use of just a few modules to the design of entire walls in the wine cellar - wine rack stones made of clay are versatile stackable and extendable and emphasize the rustic appearance of a wine cellar.

Easy handling as well as the various construction varieties of the wine rack systems made of stone or clay allow the adaptation to any floor plan and room height. Thus, the cleverly designed wine rack system made of stone can be individually adapted to your needs.

In the wine bar and in the wine cellar, stone wine racks with their diverse, practical as well as decorative elements form an impressive highlight. Stone wine racks owe their special optical appeal to their material structure.