Wine Cellars in Brick

Wine Cellars in Brick

Only historical, handmade bricks are used to create our brick wine cellars. These help you create an atmospheric wine cellar, even in the smallest room

Customer Reference: vaulted/brick cellar

private wine cellar

Customer Reference: vaulted/brick cellar

Castle Reichenstein

Customer Reference: vaulted/brick cellar

Private wine cellar in Switzerland

Customer Reference: vaulted/brick cellar

Private wine cellar in Germany

Wine cellar construction from handmade antique bricks

You have an ordinary cellar room which you would like to convert into a vaulted cellar with historical or rustic flair? No problem. Based on the parameters defined by you, we plan the conversion and extension of your cellar to unite bricks with wine.

The advantages of a brick cellar

A brick cellar is similar to a natural cave – it is cool and humid all year round. The brick absorbs the moisture in the room without condensation forming on the walls, which would lead to unwanted mould growth on the walls and bottle labels. Wine cellars made of brick also have a temperature-regulating effect. These two properties make brick cellars best suited for long-term wine storage. In addition, brick wine cellars have a naturally cosy atmosphere.

Selected, one-of-a-kind materials

For the installation of a brick or vaulted cellar, we use only selected, historical bricks that are still handmade. Whether for private individuals or as a tasting room for hotels, restaurants or winegrowers - we will turn your simple (cellar) room into a visually beautiful brick or vaulted cellar in which your wines will also feel at home in terms of climate.

Let us advise you personally!

Custom Planning and Consultation

As specialists in the field of wine storage, we offer a comprehensive service from planning to realization of your custom wine cellar. Our skilled wine cellar construction team can offer attractive presentation solutions for any space!

Plan Your Wine Cellar Online

Use our online wine cellar planning helper to give our experts the key data needed to quickly suggest some suitable solutions for you and your budget.

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