Wine cooling system WINE GUARDIAN WG 25 for 20 to 40 m³

Kühlsystem zur Wandmontage für die optimale Kühlung Ihrer Weine
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  1. Wine cooling system WINE GUARDIAN WG 25 for 20 to 40 m³
    only €5,699.00 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
only €5,699.00 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
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Wine cooling system WINE GUARDIAN WG 25 for 20 to 40 m³
only €5,699.00 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
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Dimensions: H 40,3 cm x W 36,5 cm x D 63,5 cm
Colour: anthracite
Weight: 28 kg

Further Info
28 kg
Wine Guardian
refrigerator type:
cooling system
minimum temperature:
maximum temperature:
Type of construction:
room size range:
up to 40 m³

WINE GUARDIAN® is the ideal solution for the climatisation of your wine cellar. Compactness, reliability and easy installation make this climate control device made of aluminium a successful investment in your wine cellar.

Countless benefits. The innovative system (240 V, 50 Hz) is perfectly suitable for small and medium sized wine cellars. Thanks to the adaptable ventilation slots WINE GUARDIAN® ensures a regulated air circulation and optimal temperature and humidity without making noise. Professional and corrosion-resistant components and an all-aluminium frame make it extremely durable. Other features are: an integrated system for condensate evaporation, an overflow connection, a corrosion-resistant cooling coil with special coating and an environment-friendly R-134a coolant.

Easy installation. A good isolation of the inner surfaces (walls, doors, ceiling) with polystyrene or styrodur is necessary before the installation of the climate control device. Also important is that the performance of the device is suitable for your room size. You can either mount the climate control device with struts to the wall or you can place it on the shelf. Thanks to the power connections on both sides you can connect the system easily to the power supply. The device is then ready to use and keeps your wines tempered at 12 °C. The integrated control panel makes it easy to change the temperature and displays the current temperature and humidity.

Available in 2 sizes. WINE GUARDIAN® is available in two sizes, both of them fitting into any wine cellar thanks to their slim and modern design. This way you can temper your wine cellar of 15 m³ or 25 m³ effortlessly.

All features of WINE GUARDIAN® at a glance:

- corrosion-resistant

- easy wall mounting

- perfect air circulation

- low noise

- slim design

- overflow connection

- environment-friendly coolant

- integrated control panel


For 15 m³: H 40,3 x W 35,6 x D 63,5, 27 kg

For 25 m³: H 40,3 x W 35,6 x D 63,5, 28 kg

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