Red wine glass VÌNA, set of 6 (7,95 EUR/glass)

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  1. Red wine glass VÌNA, set of 6 (7,95 EUR/glass)
    Was €51.00 only €40.80 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
Was €51.00 only €40.80 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
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Red wine glass VÌNA, set of 6 (7,95 EUR/glass)
Was €51.00 only €40.80 incl. VAT, excl. Delivery
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Art. No. 41288
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Height (cm): 22,7 cm
Material: Glass
diameter: 8,8 cm


SCHOTT ZWIESEL manufactures special glass series that are appreciated by sommeliers, vintners, top international chefs as well as private consumers. The design concept focuses particularly on characteristics such as brilliance, robustness and durability combined with contemporary design. This also includes the VÌNA glass series, which is manufactured using the internationally patented TRITAN®technology. Tritan glasses are free of lead and barium, have an extreme hardness and brilliance and are particularly lightfast. The thickness of the glass minimises the risk of breakages. Even under the most severe stress and after more than two thousand washes, the glass retains its radiant crystal luster.
The philosophy of the VÌNA glass collection is: Only a few forms are needed to represent the aromas of different wines. The glasses are simply designed and stable. This makes them particularly robust and suitable for everyday use and ideally suited for all private and professional standard sparkling wines. The VÌ NA glass series is an ideal basic collection for enjoyment at home and for professional use in hotels and restaurants. Whether white wine, Bordeaux, Burgundy, water or sparkling wine: For every drink and every type of wine the optimal glass.
Universal glass H 12.7 x Ø 9 cm
Sparkling wine glass H 22.5 x Ø 7 cm
Red wine glass H 22.7 x Ø 8.8 cm
Burgundy glass H 22.1 x Ø 11.1 cm
Wine glass H 20.3 x Ø 7 cm
Stemless wine glass H 10.1 x Ø 10.5 cm

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