Cooling Systems

Cooling Systems

Wine coolings systems for room sizes of 25 m³ - 240 m³ with various air outlets
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Cooling systems - Wine climate control units

Air-conditioned wine storage

Storing wine correctly and safely over a longer period of time requires the right temperature and humidity. This is the only way to stop it aging too rapidly and potentially spoiling. The optimal temperature for wine storage is between 10° and 14° C, humidity should be between 60% and 80%. Large fluctuations in temperature and humidity between day and night and between summer and winter will damage your wine. The use of modern air conditioning technology guarantees the necessary constancy for the professional storage of wine and is especially important to make sure valuable and high-quality wines can be enjoyed in the future and keep their value.

Wine connoisseurs with their own wine cellar should insulate it and install a wine climate control device to ensure a constant optimal temperature.

Installation of Climate Control Devices

For professional climate control, soundproofed units with various air conditioning capacities are available to suit the respective room size. They guarantee a constant temperature of between 10°C and 12°C. The air conditioning units are relatively easy to install and can be integrated into the design and spatial layout of a wine cellar.

There are several types of system available – their use depends on the conditions of the cellar. Monoblock units are single units installed in a wall. Split units have the unit for cooling inside the room to be cooled whilst the compressor remains outside. Channeled cooling systems are the least visible within the cellar – the unit is located in an external room and the cooled air is channeled to the cellar via a flexible insulated pipe- all that is visible is a grille. If it is not possible to install a unit within a cellar wall, a climate control device fitted into the door (thus not visible from the outside) could be the ideal solution. This is especially suitable for smaller rooms (up to 15 m³). Frequent maintenance is not necessary, but the filter should be replaced once a year.

Insulating the wine cellar

Before installing any climate control device it is essential to insulate the cellar. The insulation (thermal protection) reduces heat transfer between inside and outside. Other heat sources such as heating pipes, floor heating above and warm adjoining rooms also lead to inconsistent temperatures. A well-insulated room makes it easier for your climate control device to work and thus prolongs its life span. Any existing windows should be fitted with insulating glass and possibly tinted. The recommended material to use to insulate your wine cellar is 6 cm thick Styrodur.

Ensure that your wines are stored under optimum conditions and discover the perfect solution for your needs. We have models to suit every budget and every type of wine cellar in our webs shop.