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Wine racks

Wineracks & winerack systems

wood, metal, stone and plastic

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Wine racks, bottle racks and wine boxes: everything for your wine storage

Wine racks made of wood, metal, plastic or stone

Who wants to store wine right, needs a wine rack. Here the bottles lie protected and vibration-free. The selection of the ideal wine rack is not always easy, as there is a large variety of models and materials.

For different bottle quantities: single wine racks, wall racks and wine rack systems

Depending on the number of bottles to be stored and the space available, you can choose from single wine racks, wall wine racks or large wine rack systems. A wine rack for the living area usually requires a little less space, here are the single wine racks or wall racks ideal. Wine racks for the kitchen or living room are suitable for short-term storage, as the temperature and humidity in these rooms are not optimal for longer-term storage. Wines that are stored there should be consumed rather quickly.

Wine rack systems are suitable for the professional wine storage of larger bottle collections. They are expandable and can grow with your supply of wine. The ideal location for these systems is the cellar. It offers the most space, is dark (the wine is protected from harmful UV radiation) and is easy to climatize.

Various materials: wine racks made of wood, metal, plastic, stone

In addition to the consideration in which room the wine rack should stand, the material plays an important role as well. Wooden wine racks contribute to a warm living atmosphere. When placing them in the cellar, it should not be too humid to prevent swelling of the wood. The metal wine racks are particularly suitable as cellar racks, as they are anti-corrosion coated and very robust. Just as suitable are bottle shelves made of stone or clay; These have a particularly humidity and temperature-balancing effect. Synthetic wine racks are not only be made of plastic, but also of acrylic or polystyrene. The spectrum ranges from stylish designer shelves to low-priced wine racks for the cellar.