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Wine rack systems

Wooden wine racks - Wine rack systems

Wine rack systems made of wood can be stacked and expanded as needed.

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Set Descending Direction
40 80 120 All
Alle Ab Lager

Wooden wine rack systems - expandable in height and width

Wooden wine rack systems usually also accommodate larger quantities of bottles, making them ideal for professional storage and setting up wine cellars. The wine rack systems are characterized by the fact that they can be easily extended, both in width and often in height. With several juxtaposed or stacked wine racks, you can create entire walls of your wine cellar, giving you a visually appealing image. Almost all wooden wine rack systems can be easily assembled or are delivered ready assembled.

Large module selection

Particularly popular with the wine rack systems are models in cubic form, as they can be easily stacked next to and above each other. Depending on the space required, you can choose between side lengths of 48, 50, 52, 60 and 70 cm. The range of compartments here ranges from the popular X-cross, a diamond or a check division to the single bottle storage. The range also includes models for storing wine crates.

Even wine rack systems that can be simply put together without tools (PRIMAVINO, CASABLANCA) can be found in our range.

Different materials

The most commonly used wood for wine rack systems is pinewood. The inexpensive models of the wine rack series VINCASA are made of that wood. Likewise beech or oak are used for the production of wine rack systems. For more humid wine cellars, wine racks made of MDF are best suited as they swell less quickly. Optically appealing and high-quality is the German-made wine rack system CAVEPRO, which is made of melanin-coated wood fiber. It is not only suitable for the exclusive equipment of a wine cellar, but also beautifies your living area. Also in restaurants or wineries the wine rack systems offer a variety of possibilities and a prestigious look.