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Wall rack

Wooden wine racks - Wall rack

Wall wine racks made of wood are wine racks to be fixed to a wall - as a decorative object or for limited spaces

Set Descending Direction
40 80 120 All

Set Descending Direction
40 80 120 All

Wooden Wall wine racks - ideal as decoration or for small spaces

A wall-mounted wine rack made of wood is the ideal solution for all wine lovers who do not have the opportunity or the place to set up a wine rack either in the basement or in the living room, but still do not want to do without a wine storage. On the other hand, a wall shelf can serve as a supplement to an already existing wine cellar and present special bottles. Especially with horizontally lying bottles in a wall-wine rack a look at the label and a direct removal of wines is possible.

Ideal horizontal storage in a wall wine rack

Especially wine bottles that are closed with a cork, should be stored lying down in the wine rack to prevent drying of the cork. Otherwise, too much oxygen gets into the wine, which makes it age faster or partially inedible. Our wooden wall wine racks are designed to keep your bottles in a horizontal position, either at the bottleneck or at full scale.

A diversity of wall wine racks

We offer wall wine racks in different wood tones or colored. So you can find the right shelf to match your furniture or your wine cellar, with which you set an exclusive accent. Especially wall-mounted wine racks are eye-catchers, because the eye automatically falls on them at eye level.