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Single wine rack

Wooden wine racks - Single wine rack

A single rack made of wood is an eye-catcher in your living space

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Single wine racks made of wood - the special eye-catcher in your living room

Individual wine racks, unlike wine rack systems, which can be extended or combined in any way, are distinguished by their individual appearance. They are usually placed well visible in the kitchen, dining or living room, where they form a special eye-catcher. Single wine racks are suitable for small to medium wine collections.

Wine racks for every style of furnishing

Depending on your personal taste or interior design style, you can choose between traditional, rustic, modern or original wine racks. Mainly pine, beech or oak wood are processed.

Diverse shapes

Special eye-catchers, also for the gastronomy sector, are the single wine racks in the form of a glass or a grape. Unique handwork, partly combined with other materials, are wine racks made from the staves of wooden barrels.

The single wine rack made of a solid tree trunk combines everything you would expect from a real wooden wine rack. The hand-made tree trunk shelves are absolutely unique and will attract many eyes.

Popular wooden wine racks are also those that are reminiscent of Champagne jars or wine barrels.

The selection of individual wine racks made of wood is diverse. Take your time to look around and find the right wine rack for your needs.